House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths (2021)

An examination of the truths and theories surrounding the deaths of 11 members of a Delhi family. Suicide, murder… or something else? This docuseries examines chilling […]

Money Heist: From Tokyo to Berlin (2021)

The filmmakers and actors behind “Money Heist” characters like Tokyo and the Professor talk about the emotional artistic process of filming the series. Actors: Álvaro Morte […]

Friends: The Reunion (2021)

The One Where They Get Back Together. “Friends: The Reunion”, also known as “The One Where They Get Back Together”, is a 2021 reunion special of […]

The Lost Pirate Kingdom

The real-life pirates of the Caribbean violently plunder the world’s riches and form a surprisingly egalitarian republic in this documentary series. Genre: Documentary Actor: Thomas Padley […]